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We just have to put an original spin of the split personality schtick. Go sit on it awhile and see what you can do. I was just thinking that Arborgast was so powerful that he create a split personality to contain the power. Its like saying there are two people to deal with that massive power instead of one.

"1) It really could just be the name of the Old Man's late best friend. Perhaps a freakishly powerful one who cursed his own name.
2) It could be like a chant, or the name of a spell, that when said, amplifies somebody's power.
3) It could be the name of an evil demon who can possess anybody named "Arborgast" because it is his own name.
4) There could have been a prophesy long ago about a man named Arborgast who would save the world. Or destroy it. Who would rid the world of all magic. Something the Old Man really wants?"

How about an ancient word of power? Maybe add in a prophesy here and there, and maybe a demon who's his to call but he doesn't know its a demon and calls him Carl. Carl hates Arborgast because he makes him do stupid errand things and treats him like a lackey. Never lets him do evil. His real name is Tsagrobra! Arborgast spelt backwards. Maybe that's too much...I'll just stick with ancient word of power tied to prophesy. But it also a curse. Titus Winters knew that a child born from the two strongest families was destined to create a child of destiny. He's just helping fate along. Maybe we're making it too complex. How about a cursed word of power that's tied to destiny?

"But yes, I like the idea that the cursed name could get corrupted somehow, from which a split personality would stem. Maybe whomever bears the name Arborgast will be pure of heart and an excellent leader, but somehow the curse gets warped and in order to make Arborgast "pure of heart", the spell accidently just rips the innocence away from the baseness. And thus you have two people. Tell me what you think..."

Maybe, just add in the two personalities controling one power thing and it might work. I just think after all these ideas, we are going TO HAVE TO come back and simplify some of this because too much jewelery can be too gaudy and heavey if you catch my metaphor.

"Vorce discovers this super-reality and deems it the perfect place to hide from the Council and Vlahos (VLAHOOOOS). Perhaps the thing with vampires is that yes, they feed from blood, but what they get from the blood is the 'living engery' you mentioned. So really, Vorce would have plenty to feed on in Arborgat's super-reality."

I had that exact same thought, though you know what? I couldn't for the life of me remember Vlahos' (VLAHOOOOS LOL totally forgot about that) name. I actually drew a sketch of him the other day. I'll try to find a scanner and post it on the blog. I've been doing some other sketches so when I get them up you can tell me if you like them.

There is a reason why Nicklin is special but its not in one place yet so I can't say. Its something about his natural curiosity. I don't think all the people would be want to have their real lives back. I think that Nicklin tries to convince Arborgast to put everything back to normal. Also his family shows up and try to get him to stop it too. But they can't because Arborgast is technically dead...and if he REALLY died the people in the town would die with him. Also the attack of the vampire council with set some scenes and other plots into motion to come to the final conclusion. Don't forget about Minnnie Peticrew. She is so smart she also see's through the veil of Arborgast deceptions but chooses to live within it rather than spoil everyone else's illusions. There are some people who know, some who guess, and some who are trying to figure out the mystery.

The super reality is created as Arborgast lays dying from shooting his own eye out in attempts to kill himself (or someone else try to kill him?). And a great wave of regret sets the pieces in motions. In the void that he creates in his own body his spiritual reserves creates the vortex and the hyper reality. His void creates a void because the perfect supernatural human being is incomplete, thus off setting nature's balance and causing rips in time and reality. Um I'm so going to have to talk about this face to face! lol I really wish I had skype! So what do you think? How about we through around some funny ideas to balance out all this drama? How about a focus of Nicklin's character? Who he is and why is he there? His personality, and all the things that will freak him out!


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Mar. 23rd, 2007 01:38 am (UTC)
I just had a couple ideas for the comic! If you approve.

Strip 1
Converse Knox (after his intro scene): This is quite a nice village you have here old chap!
Arborgast: Indeed, sir! It's simply a shame you can never leave now.
Converse: ...What?
Arborgast: Nothing! Nothing!

Strip 2
Converse: Is it true that you cannot contact anybody outside the village here?
David P.: Why yes. Arborgast says it has something to do with the bizarre weather patterns.
Vorce (had been listening some distance away, eerily, but still within hearing range of the two): The fools! They have no idea! ::laughs sinisterly::
Blee: Have no idea of what, Vorce? Huh huh huh? Tell me tell me!
Vorce: ::rolls his eyes, perhaps with a sweatdrop::

Do you think Blee calls Vorce "Lord Vorce"? Probably not, but I thought I'd ask.
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