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"Strip 1
Converse Knox (after his intro scene): This is quite a nice village you have here old chap!
Arborgast: Indeed, sir! It's simply a shame you can never leave now.
Converse: ...What?
Arborgast: Nothing! Nothing!

Strip 2
Converse: Is it true that you cannot contact anybody outside the village here?
David P.: Why yes. Arborgast says it has something to do with the bizarre weather patterns.
Vorce (had been listening some distance away, eerily, but still within hearing range of the two): The fools! They have no idea! ::laughs sinisterly::
Blee: Have no idea of what, Vorce? Huh huh huh? Tell me tell me!
Vorce: ::rolls his eyes, perhaps with a sweatdrop::

Do you think Blee calls Vorce "Lord Vorce"? Probably not, but I thought I'd ask."

I think that Arborgast as no idea that people can't leave because he thinks that what he has created IS reality, and isn't aware that he is creating another universe, so to speak. Only the Arborgast under the tree is fully aware of the conditions of what he did. Its like Arborgast's subconscious is under the tree, and Arborgast's aware conscious is interacting inside the town, but the conscious isn't aware of the subconscious.

But I do think it would be more subtle if the dialogue went like this:
Strip 1
Converse: This is quite a nice village you got here old chap!
Arborgast: Oh what a delightful fellow you are, sir! If you like it so much, you should stay here forever. I simply can't ever let you leave now, since you'll make a perfect addition to our town!
Converse: ...What?
Arborgast: Oh ho! I'm just fooling you good sir! Bahahahaha!
Converse: Hahaha...ha?

Strip 2:
Suggestions: add a stress make to Vorce's head and we've got gold! Other than that, perfect.

LOL And whenever Blee calls Vorce 'lord', it should seriously piss Vorce off because they are trying to keep a low profile. Do you think that IF Vorce ever whacked Blee in anger in public, Blee would moan happily? Or looked like he enjoyed it? And everyone one would be like O.ov or be like "oh, that Blee, he's never upset!".

I was thinking out a time line of certain events, like the events of the beginnings. I believe that it should start out with Nicklin trying to get to another village in a matter of great urgency, like he's a reporter needing to get a story from a far off town. He ends up getting lost on the way and ends up in ferncliff. We are all in agreeance that Nicklin stumbles into the town on accident? His arrival should be right after or in process of Arborgast created the mimic reality. Like let's say that Arborgast funeral that Nicklin happens upon is the funeral that is for him dying the first time. The creation started right after Arborgast started dying but wasn't completed until his 'astral' body rose from the grave that it was completed? So Nicklin was there to witness the birth of the late Arborgast Jones. It isn't until after Nicklin arrives that Blee and Vorce show up in town, but for all purposes looks like they are moving into the scary house on the hill, which wasn't there before until Vorce and Blee showed up. The real issue here is that should the fake universe be in affect long before Nicklin gets there or as its starting? And should Vorce and Blee be there before or after Nicklin? Just think about the possible of both of them.


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