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Little by little, the story continues

Well I know that sometimes that I fear this might one day become a dead community,but I fight to keep that from happening. It has been a long ass weekend going all over Italy and I decided to focus some of my attention to our dear (almost) dead Arborgast Jones. I've come up with some ideas that I'll post here so that it can be yayed or nayed and such.

Some ideas included are as thus:
1) You never really see Arborgast left eye properly because it is hidden behind his monocle, since he'll never take off is monocle (even in his sleep?) Kind of like Sanji, he'll even have his hair swept off to the left side but not as long, just enough to create a shadow.
2)I'm just toying with this idea but Arborgast has two bodies or possible a twin brother, and the other one is buried where no one knows where except Arborgast, perhaps under 'the willow tree' in the cemetery. "The body" as it shall be known until I get the kinks worked out was killed by being shot through the left eye (perhaps by Arborgast himself). Don't worry the story is still basically a comedy but its like in One Piece where drama is thrown in so its not a 2 Dimensional story. There is plenty of funny going into this piece so it deserve some horror and a slap of drama. Trust me I've got some funny ideas.
3) Nicklin Booth is the secondary (if not first) main character (since I might want it from his narration point) with Blee and Vorce as a tertiary plot line focus.
4)The story will be split up into three focuses: Arborgast Jones and the town of Ferncliff with their wacky misadventures; Nicklin Booth trying to get out of town/ finding out the mystery of the town and Arborgast Jones; Vorce and Blee hiding from the vampire council and the councils attempts to find them. It'll all blend together.
5) Because Arborgast's strange paranormal lineage and background, faced with the shocked of his brother's/ own death caused the strange events and condition of the town, in his way to forget or to rectify his/brother's death. Its sooooo complicated but I'll try to get some of it worked out.
6)Behind his monoclee, his left eye is a strange extra dimensional spirital vortex portal, the focus and power source for all the craziness in the town and the warping or reality. It is also the only way out of the town.
7) The Pirate Captain is the brother of Shelley the lake monster, who Converse Knox comes to fall in love with.
8) Converse Knox is plagued by a band of tickle ghosts but no one believes him. I want to make this a running gang, where he laughs at awkward and bad times, and his misery that people think his is crazy.
9) At one time I want Nicklin Booth to try to kill Arborgast Jones because he thinks by killing him, he can get out of town, but it it ends up being another misadventure where hilarity insues. At the end Nicklin succeeds, like pushing Arborgast off a building, but Arbogast just gets up from the ground and walks away.
10) In the cemetary the gravestones move. Also they all have the names of the towns people on the graves, but no one ever notices. It freaks the shit out of Nicklin.
11) Nicklin gets freaked out by a lot of what goes on in the town but half of the comedy comes from everybody else NOT being scared and acting like its noraml or oblivious.

Well That's all that I can squeeze out for now. Hope you like some of these ideas. Ciao!

Fresh Ideas

So its been awhile since anything has been posted here too, (blows away the proverbial dust off) and I told the story of Arborgast Jones to a child from camp. He then told me that why don't the tombstones in the cemetary have all the names of the people who are currently "alive" in the Town of Ferncliff. And that after Arborgast raises from the dead, his tombstone disappears, its location a mystery to Nicklin Booth, stumbles unto the town during the funeral of Jones. Shortly after a time a tombstone that has Nicklins name engraved upon it appears. BA BA BAAAAAM!!!! I'm thinking that Arborgast Jones in my mind is going a little bit darker and dramatic anymore these days. It might make it more...enticing.


Notes, maybe a bio

We've decided the names of the two families. Arborgast Jone's mother is Joannabelle Le Fevre. The Le Fevres are the paranormal-expert family of France, and though 'fevre' doesn't appear to mean anything in French, it ressembles "fievre" which means fever. This family is headed by Grandmere Ballentine, a tough-as-brass elderly lady who's dealt with more vampires than she's changed diapers.

His father is Titus Winters from the British Winters family, headed by Leondas Winters, aka Old Man. Leondas is surprisingly long-lived. Leondas and Ballentine hate each other with a burning passion, it's quite competitive.

Converse Knox:

Kinky red hair, dark rusty
Really really cool looking, like slick
wears black a lot, and a loverly coat ::smirk::
ALWAYS wearing sunglasses
Very talkative and smirky

To be finished later
In case Amanda didn't see the comment I posted,::in a sing song tone:: I think someone should have a fork obession! LOL!! Also I wanted to say that John H. Thomas should be a Jack Russel Terrier, because I see him as one.

Also I got this from Jessenia, so this is to her credit not mine. The accident of Arborgast Jones should be that one day he was walking in town, when suddenly, a carriage falls from the sky and kills him and John H. Thomas. Jessenia said something about him being split in two but that seems a little extreme, but we can entertain this idea further if we chose to do so.

::sigh:: I believe that Arborgast Jones is demanding so much time from me, I'm afraid I won't be in the living world any more. Damn you Arborgast!!! Just what you wanted from me isn't it?

LOL I actually made that into a away message, "Arborgast Jones is demanding time outta me, so I'm afraid that I am not in the living world at the present."

John H. Thomas

Ok, I just had a thought about John H. Thomas, Arborgast Jones dog.
Since the dog is a zombie, I think it would be funny that certain parts would be missing, like the back leg in particular. My idea is that since John H. Thomas is missing his back leg, Arborgast replaced it with a fork. John H. Thomas should be brought back around the pirate story with Converse, Blee, and Argorgast. My idea is that since John H. Thomas forgot that his leg was a fork, he was scratching his head and popped his eye out literally, out on the floor. So Arborgast puts a eyepatch on John H. Thomas, since it would be disturbing that his dog would be missing an eye.

On a side note since she doesn't know about this community, I think Krista is being a bitch to me. Enough said.


Omg, so Reynolds is gonna teach playwriting next spring semester. Don't let me forget it, okay? I wanna goooooo.....

A quote....from Austin.




You will hear us say this once and only once, we will forever deny it, but Vorce and Blee are our favorite characters! ::guilt:: After all, Arborgast is the main character.

Many of the things that Blee does are actually things that Austin may or may not have done. :D Blee is Austin ^>^

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Now that you all know Vorce and Blee, we'll put up some of their scenes. :^D

About the community

So several topics:

Ok, Austin and I were talking about the power that new members and our friends who know about Arborgast can have over the world. We have decided that final say for all friend-created ideas comes from us, though credit for such ideas will of course be given freely. We think that this means that there will be less bickering. We want people to be involved and suggest ideas and opinions, but we don't want it to get crazy. Sometimes somebody can think that they have a really great idea, but everybody else has a bad feeling about it. This way, the moderators can discuss it together and decide. At least there are two people in charge instead of just one.

What do you guys think of making this into a play? I think it has potential, and I think that Wittenberg has a play-writing course...I'll go look it up now. Ok, the site doesn't have one next semester, which is good because maybe it'll have one sometime after that. Just emailed Dr. Reynolds.

Oh hey, we have the rudiments of an actual plot! It startled me.
Me and Amanda had a serious brain storming session last night. It was BRILLIANT! Anyway, we have found a home for our friend Converse Knox. Amanda will eventually have a bio on him.

I've come up with something silly about Knox. Known by me and Amanda, Knox wears sunglasses, even though they were not invented at the time of "Arborgast Jones". So I have this scene in my head.

Jones: I say old chap, what sort of glasses do you have there? Do dark glasses improve your vision at all? I find that very fascinating indeed, needing dark glasses to see! How do you manage during the night?!
Knox: Sir, these are no ordinary glasses!These glasses are special ghost catching specs! Made them myself! You see, since ghost are creatures of darkness-
Jones: I don't think that at all!
Knox: Don't be fool! They are quite dark, they're hearts dripping with evil! Anyway, if I used dark specs then I can see them! The dark specs makes it able for me to see the darkness of the spirits! Catching darkness by using darkness! Clever if I do say so myself!
Jones: Do they work?
Knox: What?
Jones: Do they work?
Knox: Well...no, but I'm sure they they just need some fine tuning! My logic is so sound, I can hear music!

Yeah yeah, lame.