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The Misadventures of (The Late) Arborgast Jones

"I'm not sure....but I know it involves a lot of screaming."

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Welcome to the community of The Misadventures of (The Late) Arborgast Jones, featuring his friend, Bookwalter Claypool, and various other characters including but not limited to:

Nicklin Booth
The Evil Vorce and his life-partner, the Fetching Blee
The family Petticrew: David, Arthur, Mary-J, the Mysterious Charles, and Minnie
Ida Shingledecker
Dr. Alex Hikaru Morton
Converse Knox
and John H. Thomas

With Guest appearances by:
"The Pirates of the 'Lake That is Prone to Tsunamis'"
"The Sea Monster Who Turns Into A Women Every Thursday For Ladies Night At the Pub"
The Otstots Twins
The Headless Horseman A Cross the River
and the Yeti