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"But I love the idea of him having a copy of himself that he murdered, through some twist of magic/supernaturality. Perhaps a split personality that split off from him? A psycho Arborgast that he had to eject from himself so that he could save the world from himself? Of course, since it's a part of himself, it's not really dead, but the fact that it has a corpse and is planted under the willow helps him believe it. Or something. Tell me what you think."

ZOMG~DON! I totally had that image but I didn't want to say anything because I thought it would be too dramatic and you wouldn't go for it. I had drew this picture of Arborgast holding his monocle, about to take it off, with a evil look on his face as smoke or spirit fog billows out from the monocle. Also his clothes are levitating from all the spirit energy. I think maybe he killed himself to stop his evil side and somehow created this nexus which the town is contained in. Or perhaps another idea I was playing with was that Arborgast witnessed such a horrible event he wanted to forget it and created the nexus. Even if there wasn't an evil side, he would be resurrected at the end anyway because of the ending we planned.I just image his 'real' body laying under the tree with the roots growing aroun him, twisting around his limbs as if to hold him down and keep him there, or to somehow protect him. I really want to make this picture of Arborgast tombstone where it was chained down to the earth. I really do like the idea though that he wouldn't have a tombstone because that would just remind him of his death.

"I adore the Nicklin killing Arborgast idea. I mean, I can picture him, after all the morbid hilarity of trying to murder someone, he finally succeeds. He had a mental breakdown, maybe rocking back and forth in a fetal position, and then we see Arborgast walk away whistling. Hehe."

I think Nicklin is going to have tons of mental breakdowns, I'm surprise he wouldn't go slightly mad. LOL I had this weird thought yesterday about either John H. Thomas or just another dog someone owns in town. Nicklin would just be walking through the town and see a dog. But on looking closer realized it is a man in a dog suit. The dog/man looks at him deadpane, woofs, and looks the other way. And it would be a woof that sounds like a man is doing it too. Nicklin FREAKS! And maybe cries, too.

I also have this other scene in my head where Nicklin finds his tombstone in the cemetary and this is another mystery that intrigues and if not slightly disturbs him. So overcome with fear and curiosity, goes to the cemetary to dig up his grave. He gets to the coffin and as soon as he touches it his nose bleeds and falls on the coffin and the blood spells out something like, "Whatever is left leads you to the exit" referring to Arborgast's eye. He quickly redigs the grave and leaves.

"OMG CONVERSE'S TICKLE GHOST IS AMAZING. The awkward laughing scenes will be freakalicious to craft. It'll also be useful when trying to pull of the "Cool Converse" parts. Do you remember? Converse Knox is supposed to be incredibly cool, but a failure at life. Totally incompetent. So we could have him walking down the street with a bored look on his face, and he'll pass some girls who are like "Oh he's so cool!" And then he'll twitch and giggle."

Yes! I've had some problems with that lately because I've been reading some hilarous things in the computer lab and everytime I laugh out loud, so many weird looks.


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