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"I had drew this picture of Arborgast holding his monocle, about to take it off, with a evil look on his face as smoke or spirit fog billows out from the monocle. Also his clothes are levitating from all the spirit energy. I think maybe he killed himself to stop his evil side and somehow created this nexus which the town is contained in."

We need to make a decision about this left, monocled eye. So far we have two theories: that the left eye is a part/representation of the evil Arborgast, and that it is a portal/vortex to the real world.

I had a flash of an idea, starting with a question. How/when did the evil Arborgast manifest? Could it be that Arborgast himself thinks that the evil him is actually just a demon, and not part of himself? Maybe we could have this realization somewhere in the story. Anyway, this flash included a vision: Arborgast as a young child playing with ghouls and demons has a bad experience. After all, despite the fact that the supernatural world is drawn to him, he's bound to attract some terrible demons that can resist his magnetic lure at least a little. So perhaps as a boy he comes across a particularly evil ghost, maybe one who can see the future. He points at Arborgast and says, "Evil is inside you" or something. Arborgast takes this to mean that evil has 'possessed' him, not that he himself is evil. And maybe since the ghost pointed at him, Arborgast thinks he pointed at his left eye. And from there the personality starts to express itself.

Or maybe it was more traumatizing than that. I mean, we'd need to research the reasons people have split personalities. The above theory postulates that Arborgast simply 'has' a split personality from the beginning, for no reason. Should we bury a traumatizing event in his memory?

Poor Arborgast. We're gonna be mean to him. :^)

On to a present-day idea: What if, when Arborgast killed himself, he accidently killed everybody else in the village? That way, it makes sense for them to all have tombstones and to not be bothered by weird shit. Perhaps when people wander into the village, at first there's nobody there. But for some reason, they're drawn to this tree in the graveyard in the middle of the village, and when they put their hand on it, the tree murders that person. When they turn around, suddenly the village is populated and they can't leave.

This wouldn't affect Vorce and Blee because they're already dead. Still, they'd have to notice...maybe they're hiding there on purpose! Maybe the vortex of dead people repels most vampires because there's nothing to eat, or something. Arborgast has made some kind of alternate dimension of dead people, maybe they're not like most ghosts. Maybe he's made a place layered on top of the reality. Because the 'ghosts of the village' can move things and live like normal, they just can't leave. But the real village is a 'ghost town' (oh, a good pun) and even the ghosts aren't detected by anyone. He's made this alternate reality that you can only enter if you pass through the tree. Perhaps Vorce and Blee found this place and thought it perfect to hide from the vampires, so they purposefully passed through the tree. Vorce, as a vampire, is ok with it because he has Blee to drink from. He can't drink from anybody else, even though it feels like they have flesh and blood. These aren't ordinary ghosts. Do you understand what I'm trying to get at? If you don't agree with something (or everything), I'm fine with making up alternative plot devices.

This obviously would become a bigger and bigger problem, with new ghosts and people coming to live in Arborgast's mind reality and nobody is able to leave. Still, Aborgast won't face the truth buried deep in his memory. Does he know that this is a seperate reality? Or did he forget? Or does only his other self know, and keeps the information hidden? Or does Arborgast know and angst about it? (I don't much like the last one...he's supposed to be at least surfacely pure and innocent)

Maybe the man in the dog suit and Statue Man are friends. Or better yet, enemies. Because the man in the dog suit pees on the Statue Man. Hehe.

"He gets to the coffin and as soon as he touches it his nose bleeds and falls on the coffin and the blood spells out something like, "Whatever is left leads you to the exit" referring to Arborgast's eye. He quickly redigs the grave and leaves."

'Whatever is left'--does that mean that Arborgast's eye is the only real thing in the alternate reality? That is, if we're going with my previous ideas. Perhaps he tore out his eye when he left his corpse...this is still kind of fuzzy. We'll need to think of the details of the creation of the crazy Ferncliffe.

PS: Do you know this teh_vegeta guy who requested to join this community? I have to admit I don't want people I don't know adding to the story. I've always thought of this as a you/me thing, but maybe you don't agree?


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Mar. 22nd, 2007 09:44 am (UTC)
Oh teh_vegeta is cool. Its my best friend high school who I told her about Arborgast over the summer. She was one of the people who came up with the idea that Arborgast thinking he is a ghost tries to walk through walls and hurts himself and such. I don't want too many people to join but she'll make a great addition. Its totally a me and you thing, we're the original creators, but we need followers, nay? I mean even Cat said a few things that we added in. We'll keep the membership low, but she's totally bitchin.
Mar. 22nd, 2007 11:40 am (UTC)
Oh, I thought maybe she was like a stranger who stumbled on our community. My bad! In she goes.
Mar. 22nd, 2007 02:39 pm (UTC)
Sorry about no msg before I requested. (My name's Ashley, btw) Aussi told me about her story over the summer (or was it sometime before? meh...) and I was amazed by it. I'm like a loyal follower of sorts for this story -- I really love it. I don't plan to say anything unless you guys want input either (decisions on certain ideas or anything) -- I'm just here to read your guys stuff...*evil laughter* ...before it's sold! (Even though I'd buy it anyway, lol)
Mar. 22nd, 2007 03:40 pm (UTC)
Hey Ashley, nice to meet you! I look forward to hearing your comments. I'm sorry to say that we have an on-off relationship with Arborgast, but boy I'd love to keep it going till we have some sort of finished product, whatever form it may take. Watch me eat my words though, I'm a hopeless procrastinator.

In any case, hi!
Mar. 24th, 2007 01:54 pm (UTC)
Don't worry I have enough motivation for the both of us at the moment. Maybe its a mid-life crisis at age 21...all I know is that I have to start getting my life in gear. Must make something that'll make people remember! Must validate my existence! Love, these are seriously my thoughts. :P
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