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My thoughts on the matter

"The old man is very reluctant because he knows John's potential (he has excellent sensative breeding and many good bloodline properties) but John was never going to go down that path. That, in his way, is his weird-property(BIG NOTE: *everyone* in this story is weird in SOME WAY).

To continue, The Old Man agrees to let John go ON ONE BIG CONDITION. Oh conditions....::chuckles evilly::

The Condition: John must name his first born child "Arborgast" no matter the gender.

It's a horrible name, but John agrees. Perhaps this "Arborgast" was an old friend of the Old Man. Little does he know that Arborgast is actually a very very special name. A "cursed" name you might call it. We'll work out just how and why the Old Man did this later."

That was posted back in 2005 by you if you remember. That serves very well as an explaination for evil Arborgast. Or the curse twisted into something worse because of being killed, murdered or suicide. I mean, possibly he was trying to kill the part of him that was cursed (oh angsty Arborgast). Also I like traumatized memories. I had also a side thought, back awhile ago, that it wasn't him you was being murdered but Ida! Oh, what man wouldn't do to have his lady love back. Maybe he tried to kill himself to be with her in death. I dunno, that's too heavey but I'm throwing it out there anyway.

"What if, when Arborgast killed himself, he accidently killed everybody else in the village? That way, it makes sense for them to all have tombstones and to not be bothered by weird shit. Perhaps when people wander into the village, at first there's nobody there. But for some reason, they're drawn to this tree in the graveyard in the middle of the village, and when they put their hand on it, the tree murders that person. When they turn around, suddenly the village is populated and they can't leave."

I don't know about everyone being dead dead. Its more of a metaphorical death, dead to the reality that is around them. I mean people will have a second body, but they are not dead. Their living energies are trapped within Arborgast own version of reality, or the reality he wishes to see, so they play out as characters in his mind. People rarely wander into the village because that area has gotten to be known as the cursed place where no one goes, so Nicklin Booth was just stupid enough to go in there.

If you remember right Blee is human so that wouldn't work out. Everything that is percieved in this world is real, so that the people in Arborgast world percieve what they think is real to be real. Therefore Vorce would not have a problem feeding himself. Beside Vorce is powerful enough (King of the Vampires) to leave whenever he wants and Blee with him. Vorce knows whats going on, maybe not the entire situation, but the condition at least. He'll be the one to elude to the readers, in little snippets, what's going on. He'll say things like "these people are oblivious to the reality in which they live" or "they still don't know that they are only pawns in his mind". The people are real and are themselves, but oblivious to a hurtful lifestyle where people die and fear and sadness exist. The town of ferncliff is tangible and so are the people, but only mere mimics of life. ARGH@! MY BRAIN HURTS! Maybe just touching Arborgast, you become a character in his world? But why would Nicklin Booth be different to actually see what was wrong? Maybe he is an outsider and not a real resident of the town, very much like Blee and Vorcem as they are aware of the problem too. Though Blee is so stupid that he probably wouldn't notice anyway. Vorce has to remind him and tell what's going on all the time. It'll be a running gag.

"Vorce, why are you saying those awfully silly things?"
"Blee, if you can't remember what I JUST told you five minutes ago, I'm not going to repeat myself."
"Pleeease, tell me! You're being a meanie!"

"Does he know that this is a seperate reality? Or did he forget? Or does only his other self know, and keeps the information hidden?"

Yes and yes! Exactly! He made himself forget, but the one under the willow knows.

Man in dog suit pees on Arthur, and he doesn't move but a little tear trickles down his eye.

I want to change that bit with Nicklin Booth. Instead of bleeding on the coffin, the words are already in grave on it (probably engraved on all the coffins), like other Arborgast is giving hints when he can. Nicklin opens the coffin and there is himself laying in the coffin, and that's when starts to bleed and freak out. I only used "Whatever is left leads you to the exit" as an example. We can play around with what is actually written.

Write any original ideas that you may have! A let me know what you think of this thoughts.


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