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Mar. 22nd, 2007

"That serves very well as an explaination for evil Arborgast. Or the curse twisted into something worse because of being killed, murdered or suicide. I mean, possibly he was trying to kill the part of him that was cursed (oh angsty Arborgast)."

Ok, I really like the idea of the evil Arborgast being tied to the name the Old Man gave him. But, I have to say that I want (almost need! desperately!) evil Arborgast to be a part of Arborgast, personality wise. I love the idea of having this struggle to be one whole person, to tire of fighting against one's darker impulses, to find one's identity and stop hiding. It's one of my favorite themes in literature. Arborgast would need to confront and embrace this harsh side of himself in order to fix the problem. Would that not be a meaningful (hopefully not too cheesy) part of the story? We can make it not cheesy if we do it together!!

The original idea behind having the Old Man give the baby the special/cursed name of "Arborgast" was to make him even more freakishly powerful. At least, that's how it was in my mind, I remember specifically (things can and do change). I mean, this kid is already close to god-like, and having this special name would just be icing on the cake. But if we want a darker reason...let's list some possibilities.

1) It really could just be the name of the Old Man's late best friend. Perhaps a freakishly powerful one who cursed his own name.
2) It could be like a chant, or the name of a spell, that when said, amplifies somebody's power.
3) It could be the name of an evil demon who can possess anybody named "Arborgast" because it is his own name.
4) There could have been a prophesy long ago about a man named Arborgast who would save the world. Or destroy it. Who would rid the world of all magic. Something the Old Man really wants?

See, if we could find the motivation first, maybe the effect would stem from that. Would the Old Man (Titus Winters if I recall) really want to harm his great-grandson, or would he have a different agenda? I can't see him wanting the death of anybody from the Titus family, who pride themselves on their excellent blood-lines. Maybe he thinks that buy naming this child Arborgast he is somehow insuring the lad will become the next Winters leader?

But yes, I like the idea that the cursed name could get corrupted somehow, from which a split personality would stem. Maybe whomever bears the name Arborgast will be pure of heart and an excellent leader, but somehow the curse gets warped and in order to make Arborgast "pure of heart", the spell accidently just rips the innocence away from the baseness. And thus you have two people. Tell me what you think...

"Their living energies are trapped within Arborgast own version of reality, or the reality he wishes to see, so they play out as characters in his mind."

Ok, I love this idea too. My original idea of everyone being dead was based on the fact that all dead things will be revived in the end of the story, as we discussed years ago. I think it's written down in that journal I got from Macy's, do you remember? It was right after buying make-up at Macy's that we stopped by the cemetary...in any case that journal is in California.

But this is also interestingly psychological and magical at the same time. This super-reality that Arborgast has created is at once in his mind and imposed over the reality of the village. Here's an idea: Vorce discovers this super-reality and deems it the perfect place to hide from the Council and Vlahos (VLAHOOOOS). Perhaps the thing with vampires is that yes, they feed from blood, but what they get from the blood is the 'living engery' you mentioned. So really, Vorce would have plenty to feed on in Arborgat's super-reality.

"The people are real and are themselves, but oblivious to a hurtful lifestyle where people die and fear and sadness exist. The town of ferncliff is tangible and so are the people, but only mere mimics of life."

Very well said. Arborgast is trying to make a perfect reality. This story is becoming more and more perfect, and there is still a lot of fleshing out to do! Horray!

Re: Nicklin Booth--indeed, why would he be an exception? I mean, Converse Knox is certainly a part of the super-reality, despite coming from America as a representative of the Knox Exorcist family. I think I just got an idea: Maybe Arborgast only accepts certain people/things into his super-reality, ones he know have a possibility of becoming "oblivious to a hurtful lifestyle". Maybe some certain people who are intimate with pain and death and refuse to accept the pretty picture Arborgast is painting with his perfect super-reality can enter without being taken in in truth. Converse Knox is certainly not one of these people, he's too silly.

I just had a flash of a future scene, if you approve. I like the idea that the people who let themselves be oblivious to pain gradually begin to fight against the perfection (re: the Matrix, remember that?). I can see Arborgast being sadly confronted by everyone in the village who no longer want to live a lie, and finally, finally Arborgast has to break down and set reality to rights. Hmm.

Back to Nicklin--what would make him so impervious the very real desire in people for an ideal life? What could have happened to him, or perhaps, what special quality does he have that makes him different? Maybe, like when someone is able to see a thestral....

"Man in dog suit pees on Arthur, and he doesn't move but a little tear trickles down his eye."

...Please stop making me piss my pants with laughter.

Despite my obvious love of my own ideas, I am still up for radical change if you can point me in a different direction. After all, it took me a while but I know love the idea of making Arborgast a more serious story. Maybe I grew up a little. It seems that I myself wanted to make the world of Arborgast Jones a perfect little funny story. Sigh. But we can have funny and morbid at the same time! Yay!

We still need to pinpoint the exact time and motivation for the creation of the super-reality. I can't help but have the image of Arborgast ripping out his own eye, and from there it starts. Your thoughts?


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